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Buy Jimmy John's Signs

Now, Jimmy John's is receiving backlash once again. This time around, Twitter users are upset about controversial side-by-side signs spotted outside a Jimmy John's location regarding a labor shortage.

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A Twitter user posted a picture of side-by-side signs spotted outside a Jimmy John's location. One, believed to be from management, mentioned that the restaurant was briefly shut down "due to labor shortage" and that they were working on hiring more team members. However, a different sign (likely written by employees) that was right next to the original sheet of paper had a different story to tell. It claimed that the owners mistreated their employees and never offered any kind of support. It read, "All employees (including management) were students and did a [great] job of keeping the store running with no help from the owners." It added that their business had slowed down only because of "lazy, careless ownership."

Business Insider has called employees quitting en masse "rage quitting." They define this trend as employees quitting in angry fits, giving little notice, and often times telling employers just what they think of them. As notes, it really gives new life to the lyrics of the country song "Take this job and shove it." With people continuing to quit their jobs in record numbers and an ongoing debate over labor standards, expect to see more of these signs in the future, too.

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