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Kelebihan dan Kekurangan Menggunakan Password Excel 2010 dan Cara Membukanya

if you lose important files in excel, open the excel file in easeus data recovery wizard and recover them with few clicks. the wizard will scan the disk and identify the lost or corrupted excel files and recover them. you can preview the recovered files and choose to save them, copy them, or get rid of them.

Cara Membuka Password File Excel 2010

error in excel file is often caused by data corruption or hardware failure, data recovery is an effective solution. the easeus data recovery wizard can scan and recover lost or corrupt excel documents, also recover excel backup file without changing original excel files.

whenever you open a document, excel checks the file signature. by default, it checks against a list of signatures from trusted and/or verified sources, such as the digital id from an antivirus software company.

the default settings in excel 2010 requires that files be signed to run. if the settings are modified in excel 2010 or excel's security settings are changed, the file will not run without signing. if a file is signed but is damaged, an error message that states the file is damaged will appear when you open it. however, you can use an easeus data recovery wizard to retrieve your lost data.

if you cannot open a file in excel, you can use the easeus data recovery wizard to scan and recover lost or corrupted excel documents on your pc without changing original excel files. when easeus data recovery wizard detects the corrupted excel file, it will automatically open it to let you preview and choose the recovered files.

to prevent you from accidentally erasing an excel file, excel treats files that are signed as well-known files and must be opened in excel before they can be processed or opened with other applications.


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