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Schwing Concrete Pump Manual !NEW!

The innovative Overhead Roll and Fold boom design works so well on bridges, commercial and industrial work. Hundreds of pumpers and concrete contractors have discovered the versatility of a boom with a main section that articulates 180-degrees. This feature allows the main section to be angled away from the pour so that the boom can be guided horizontally into enclosed areas, positioned vertically for elevated work and stretched out over the cab for flatwork. And whether you are reaching deep into a structure for a controlled pour or operating flat out on a deck, the operator can maneuver the boom with confidence for efficient and precise placement utilizing an industry-leading 740-degrees of total boom articulation.

Schwing Concrete Pump Manual


Get in and out of job sites with confidence thanks to the optional rear steer axle. Often the concrete pump will be driven straight into the placement area and regular truck mixer traffic during the pour will cause a rutted exit. Rear steer acts as a front wheel drive in reverse powering the unit out of the ruts and backing in the desired direction. The system also reduces the turning radius to an industry leading 55-feet. Only available on Schwing S 58 SX and S 61 SX.

The hydraulic pumps for the concrete pump circuit are bent axis, variable displacement, piston pumps. They are horsepower controlled, which means that as pressure rises towards maximum, the flow can decrease, so the power consumption remains constant. This pump assures that the truck engine will not bog down under difficult pumping conditions. The pump also accepts external signals from the hydraulic stroke limiter for control of the output. 041b061a72


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