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[S3E1] Kids Today

But at the same time, it's an adjustment to have your kids suddenly be a part of a family that he isn't a part of. There isn't much time to explore this situation this week, but you have to imagine this will be brought up in the future.

[S3E1] Kids Today

We then jump forward one year later where we catch up with our group of kids, now budding teenagers. Hopper is having a hard time coping with Eleven and Mike being constantly together. Hawkins has a new mall, Starcourt, where Steve works in an ice-cream parlour. Will, Lucas, Max and Mike arrive soon after and he lets them in the cinema for free via a back door entrance. In the middle of the movie, the power goes out all over town whilst hundreds of rats scurry across the landscape.

Rava's sympathy for Kendall, and her desire that her children's father might one day get himself together, has always been very poignant to me, and you can see the last bits of it withering here. Kendall's insistence that he did the whole press conference for her and their kids, and his desire for her to watch the whole thing and be in awe of him, clearly make her want to throw up. And then Naomi drinks her prized wine, which is the final insult. But there's no point in arguing with your very high ex's very high girlfriend, so it's fine: "It's like when someone breaks something beautiful and it reminds you that nothing lasts," she says. HA HA HA HA. Oh, Rava.

The next day at school, Buffy is still pining for greater independence when she meets Lana. a new girl in class. We quickly find out that Lana comes from a different social sphere than the Davis kids.

Loquareeous is put into a foster home, where a married, white lesbian couple consisting of Amber (Laura Dreyfuss) and Gayle (Jamie Neumann) are his new parents. They have three adopted black children: Lanre, Yves and Fatima, who are totally silent, sickly and thin, and only communicate with him with their eyes and facial expressions. Loquareeous begins noticing a strange behavior with Amber and Gayle, who seem to force the kids into adopting their alternative lifestyle and is further frustrated when they nickname him "Larry" because of his long, "difficult" name. During dinner, Loquareeous complains that the sparse and undercooked food is "nasty". Gayle has a violent outburst and breaks the phone when a caller interrupts dinner.

The next day, the underfed kids are forced to work in the gardens, and then sell kombucha and produce at the farmer's market. In a series of images based on the viral photos of Devonte Hart, Loquareeous is forced to wear a "Free Hugs" sign and stand in front of their booth. Starving and frightened, and sick from eating the raw chicken they feed the kids, Loquareeous flees his captors and grabs onto a cop, begging him for help. But when Amber and Gayle arrive, they insist they are his parents and that all their children are troubled as they have been rescued from terrible, abusive homes. The white cop believes the white women, not the black child, and forces Loquareeous to return to the white women. The white women then use the photos of Loquareeous clinging to the cop in fear to promote themselves as white saviors in the media.

After neighbors report that the children are sickly and starving, a new child services worker arrives to inspect the house, where she notes the poor treatment that the kids are receiving. Gayle then asks to speak with the worker in private and then returns alone, saying that "everything is fine". That night, Loquareeous is haunted by nightmares involving some events at the house. He then wakes up and goes downstairs, where Amber tells him that they will go to the Grand Canyon. As they leave in a van, Loquareeous notices a large body shaped bag next to the worker's clipboard and pen.

At the van, the kids exchange a silent conversation where they recognize the women's weird behavior. That night, Amber and Gayle step outside and free their dog. They then get back into the van and drive off. As they approach the bridge from Loquareeous' dream, they hold hands, preparing to commit murder-suicide. Gayle suddenly notices that their dog is still onboard and Loquareeous escapes the vehicle before it goes off the bridge. The vehicle crashes into the cursed Lake Lanier.

Loquareeous walks back to his previous house by morning and quietly begins to do the dishes and other chores. His mother wakes up and, showing little emotion but relieved, accepts him back into her home. She thinks he ran away, and has no idea the trauma he has survived. He sees news coverage of the other kids by the side of the road - they also got out of the vehicle and survived. An indifferent Loquareeous switches the channel to American Dad. As the floorboard starts to creak, he turns around. The scene then turns back to regular Atlanta characters on tour in Europe, with Earn (Donald Glover) waking up in a hotel room next to a woman, suggesting that he had dreamed all the events of the episode.

Hello everyone. I'm Jeremy Collins, the director of conferences and symposia here at the National World War two Museum, which I'm actually in. It's nice to be in the office. Well, everybody's working from home. It's great to have everyone with us and it's going to be a great conversation here with Dave. Dave Gutierrez is an author and historian, a professional researcher who has has really brought to the World War to Library a unique and important story, which I am delighted to be able to lead him in a question and answer conversation with today.

We have a lot of questions. I have a lot of questions for Dave, and I think the audience will today, too. So I'd like to get into it. But first, Dave, let me thank you and commend you. You've provided a rare work that blends a highly personal story, even family history, within the broader context of the war that was raging around them and their loved ones.

Sure, sure. I think we need to talk about Rafael Torres during this time. Rafael Torres was a squad leader from El Paso, Texas. As a matter of fact, today would have been his 105th birthday. He was born on July 1st 1915. Rafael Torres was leading the squad and they ran into a couple of Mark IV tanks. He was carrying an old Springfield rifle and he was amazed that he was able to shoot into try to shoot at the tanks with the old Springfield rifle.

The the emotional roller coaster they must have been on and the chaos of combat and the communications that they don't that they had at the time that are not anything near what we have today. The the Rapido River is their next combat and it's gone down in World War Two. History is one of the most controversial and toughest, toughest actions of the Italian campaign.

What is the legacy of company E? Obviously, your book helps that the men in coming back and being productive members of society and helping build the postwar America are is part of that. But what is what is the overall legacy? What lessons for today, especially for the students at JFK School who are watching today? But but for the whole audience, what did these men mean?

And this is what he this is what he wanted me to share. Wilmer state in this ever changing moment we are living today, we are not only remembering and educating ourselves about where we came from, but Patriots from the barrio reminds us of the contribution our community had in making our freedom. So we're very thankful to Wilmer.

I mentioned already Rafael Torres, and today was would have been his birthday. Well, genealogy played a huge role in me writing this book. So I used genealogy to really go out and try to find the families I would connect with over 60 different families of women that served in this very unique and historical U.S. Army unit. But Rafael Torres, when I found is his granddaughter, Sonia Hillman.

I had I didn't want to breeze over it or gloss over it. Ramon's coming home experience was unique going to DC, but what about his postwar life? What was his civilian life like? And did he you know, PTSD of today is not really discussed about the World War Two veterans when they came home in 45. 46. But were there any episodes of that or just give us a minute.

When you read everything that these men went through, you could understand why. And I think if we would have had the the support for veterans like we do today, I think we would have been able to really help a lot of these World War Two veterans but yeah, Ramon suffered through through with with PTSD his entire life. He married he married Connie and Connie, his wife at the time that Ramon was in Italy, was in the US Navy WAVES during that time. 041b061a72


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