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[S1E5] The Hamster Wheel __EXCLUSIVE__

Elimination challenge: In a Roll. Players run in a giant steel hamster wheel, pulling a 300 ft. rope until it causes a ball to fall. The first one to make the ball fall twice wins. This requires some strength but this is mostly speed and endurance, so I'm going to have to bet on Sarah here. I wish we could have seen Angela absolutely demolish Sarah in this, because there's no question that Angela would beat her and finally shut her up about who deserves to be there, but oh well.

[S1E5] The Hamster Wheel

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Tori and Cat complete their science project with a hamster wheel powered robot. While Cat is at Tori's house, they see a news report about a fire at Mona Patterson's house. Although the reporters don't know who caused it, they know it was caused by Cat's candle and Mona had said something about a "cat with red fur, leading Tori to shush Cat and then quickly change the channel.

And so we spent a lot of time just doing maintenance. We had an acre of land to maintain, which just took a huge amount of work and it just sucked up so much of our time. We constantly felt guilty if we weren't working on the house. but it also, like we just wanted to be traveling and seeing things and experiencing Australia there and, have a bit more adventure in our lives. So, my partner was offered a contract in a very remote town in Australia, up in like the Gulf of Carpentaria. and that was a really great opportunity for him. And, you know, that was a bit of a catalyst. but we managed to, we put our house in the market, sold it, packed up all of our staff, you know, took loads of stuff to the charity shop. We drove up in a four wheel drive to this town in the middle of nowhere, like seven hours from the nearest supermarket.

As time runs out, the Action League thinks of a plan to save the nation's capitol. Thundergirl wonders what it actually is, and Meltman guesses "Sacramento" (thinking of a state's capital). While this happens, the Flesh runs on the hamster's wheel and is enjoying it. As he keeps running, it goes faster and faster until it spins him out of control! With 30 seconds left to impact, Colonel Mayor is sure his evil plan will succeed, but the Flesh rolls the wheel off of its spokes and through the bars, leaving a hole big enough for the rest of the League to escape. The Flesh lands on top of Colonel Mayor, knocking him away from the control panel. Thundergirl, Stinky Diver, Meltman and the hamster escape, but Stinky says that the only way to save the capitol is to reroute the missile with new coordinates. The phone rings again, and the Flesh answers with the Chief still on the other end, who was not pleased about being hung up on earlier. The Flesh then asks for the Chief's coordinates which are 30 degrees longitude, 82 degrees latitude! The Flesh tells this to the rest of the League as Stinky enters the coordinates just in time, rerouting the missile away from the capitol. Back at Action Headquarters, the Chief wonders about a strange noise he hears. Sure enough, that noise is the missile, which blows the headquarters to pieces. The Flesh suddenly worries that the Chief got cut off when their connection dropped. Action Headquarters is now smoldering, but thankfully the Chief has survived, although charred! 041b061a72


نورتي المجموعة الخاصة بأعضاء بوتيك دانتيلا .. بامكانك عرض ار...
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