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What To Post On Facebook For A Business _VERIFIED_

The channel is also a great platform for businesses, as many consumers report using it to interact with the brands they enjoy. In fact, in a recent HubSpot poll, 51% of respondents reported primarily using Facebook for product research.

what to post on facebook for a business


A recent HubSpot experiment found that, overall, businesses should aim to post on Facebook two to five times per week. While this is simply an average, it is ok to adapt your strategy depending on your audience insights and what seems to bring the most success on the platform. However, the experiment did note that posting more than five times per week can substantially decrease ROI.

Your Facebook audience is following you on the platform because they care about what you have to say. Given this, it is safe to assume that they also care about news relevant to your industry, so consider posting this type of content on your Facebook page.

A great way to generate trust with your audience on Facebook is to share user-generated content (UGC), which is content created by people who have used your products, services or have had some experience with your business.

Cross-posting content from your blog is a great way to drive traffic to your website and expose your blog content to an audience that may be unfamiliar with it. In the example below, virtual conference sharing platform Zoom has shared content from their blog to Facebook.

Like Twitter, Facebook uses hashtags to organize community conversations about specific topics all in one stream. Use industry-related hashtags in your posts to join in on conversations that are already happening on Facebook as a means of increasing visibility and engaging with a new audience.

Like using hashtags, posting about trending topics gives you an in on the conversations people are already having. People are also more likely to talk about a current trend in the moment, which can drive engagement to your page.

One of the great things about social media is how easy it is to go viral. Take advantage of trending memes, rework them to relate to your business, and share them on your Profile. Consumers appreciate this kind of content, as it displays a sense of humor, and it also shows them that you actively monitor online conversations.

Similar to announcing deals and offers, cross-posting discounts and sales on Facebook is a great way to ensure that all segments of your audience are aware of your business offerings, helping you drive traffic to your website and increase sales.

Your customers may already be aware of what you have to offer, but why not remind them? Consider creating a Facebook post to highlight your product offerings. The example below is from the Humans Of New York Facebook page advertising a new book.

Just as people may be interested in working for your company, your followers may also be interested in who works at your company. Employee generated content posts can showcase company culture, projects, and the talent that helps run your business. The example below is from the HubSpot Facebook account.

One of the great things about social media is that it is an ever evolving landscape where people are discovering new things every day. Consider recycling content from your most popular posts so newer followers and leads can learn from and enjoy that content as well. Facebook has a native sharing option that will allow you to re-share your old posts.

The content in your themed series should be relevant to your business, but an example could be sharing information on a new industry trend, a post explaining how it relates to your business, and another post explaining how it affects your audience.

Because of this, consider sharing content from other industry leaders or businesses that you think will benefit your audience and help them succeed. The example below is from the HubSpot Facebook account sharing an industry-relevant quote.

Facebook Live is a native feature that allows you to broadcast real-time video to your page and newsfeed. While you can certainly emulate a Facebook live with Facebook posts, live video gives you the unique opportunity to build trust with your audience with interactive two-way conversations. Your audience can ask questions in the comments, and you can verbally reply using their name and generate a familiar relationship.

Some companies have multiple Facebook profiles that correspond to different segments of their business. If this is you, share content from your other Facebook profiles to your main profile page to make your audience aware of the different types of content you have to offer.

All-in-all, leveraging the tips on this list will help you create an engaging Facebook business page that your audience visits to learn more about what you have to offer and develop a relationship with your company.

Think creatively about the types of questions you can ask. You can work to get genuine audience and customer input on business decisions. Or you can ask random questions that are relevant to your industry in an attempt to get more engagement on your post.

Another great Facebook content idea is sharing behind-the-scenes (BTS) photos of your business. There are many ways to do this. Show how products are made, introduce your employees, or include bloopers of other videos or campaigns.

One great way to increase reach and engagement is to post about trending topics people are talking about. Not only can this increase your chances of appearing in feeds, but people will be more likely to comment on and share your posts as well.

This is a great example of a story told by a solopreneur, whose business surrounds her personal brand. While these types of businesses do make it easier to get personal with storytelling, there are other ways to make this work for nearly any brand.

Tell your own stories of how your business came to be, share hard parts of being a business owner or even allow your social media manager to have fun with their role and be real about their own jobs (to a point).

The best prize for a contest or giveaway is product or a subscription to your service, but if your business runs a bit differently, consider what else only your specific audience would be interested in.

Ready to put these Facebook post ideas to the test? Start creating and scheduling content to your own business Facebook page. Learn even more about optimizing your social media strategies with our free social media toolkit.

Unfortunately, creating a native poll on Facebook is now a Facebook Group only feature. If you want to create a poll on your Facebook business page, you will need to use an app like Simple Poll to publish engaging polls on your Facebook Page. This short video tutorial will show you how you can get started in a few simple steps.

Creating Q&As on Facebook has never been easier. Simply go to the posting box on your page and select the red question mark in the chat bubble to host a Q&A. Enter the question you want to ask people, click next and add your post copy and hit the post button. Voila! You're now hosting a Q&A on Facebook!

Bonus strategy: If your poll or Q&A collected data that would be interesting to your audience, share the results in a separate Facebook post. You can even use the Q&A or poll results as an opt-in freebie! Just sayin'!

Give your fans the opportunity to share a link to their website, group or Facebook page; not only do they get the chance to showcase their business or products, but they can meet new people and make new connections.

Sharing a photo of your workspace, your employees or even your customers (with their permission, of course) makes your business so much more relatable! Knowing there are real people behind your brand is a Facebook post idea that will go a long way to building trust and relationships.

Great tips Kim, much appreciated. I also find that posting 3, 4 and sometimes even more times a day has a positive effect on my reach and engagement. As you say though, this needs to be tested for each individual. Some pages tend to lose fans when they post multiple times through the day. Cheers, Ian

The growth in social media in recent years has spawned many success stories of businesses that were built entirely off the back of a single post on Facebook. Hence, why more and more people are looking for Facebook post ideas for business.

In the early days, savvy marketers figured out what to post on Facebook and engage with their audience. Whether fun Facebook posts, educational, or entertaining, the platform really made customers feel closer to businesses, helping them find amazing deals and really leveled the playing field for businesses big and small.

But then as Facebook grew (and more importantly, floated on the stock exchange), they realized what a powerful platform they had created, deciding that if businesses wanted to continue to use Facebook to generate new customers, they would have to be willing to pay to play.

And so businesses that had built up huge followings and had highly engaged audiences, went from being able to put up a Facebook post that flooded Newsfeeds across the world, to being severely throttled by Facebook (Unless they wanted to spend money to get their post in front of people).

The Facebook like button is a powerful tool that can increase the visibility of your business immensely. Hence why trying to come up with Facebook posts ideas for likes is incredibly popular these days.

How can I encourage my followers to interact with my posts? Maybe they need to like and share the post to win something? Maybe you ask them a question that encourages them to answer. Only you can answer that question, but Facebook Posts that encourage interaction will send your posts organic reach through the roof.

Depending on the goal of your content, your Facebook content ideas should be chosen wisely. Different posts and content can be better for different goals and achievements. This can be best understood through looking at the three parts of the marketing funnel,


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