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So recently got my retroid pocket 2+ and have been loving my nes/snes games but I mostly got it for ps1 I have been trying watched every tutorial I could.find but none of them seem to work. I have tried retro arch with pcsx rearmed but a black screen shows up and it never loads. I have also tried the duck emulator but I think I have just been getting bad bios (I have installed roughly 3 of them). I try to launch a game and a error screen pops up. Any help is greatly appreciated ?

Bios Ps1

Download File:

PSX Bios File is Playstation PS1 Bios or SCPH1001.bin file which you can install on your PC or other devices and play PSX Roms and Games. SCPH1001.bin or epsxe bios is a BIOS file and a mandatory component with one goal to make the emulator work. 5d7c833ced

Now that you have PCSX Reloaded installed you need to download and install the bios files. Bios are encrypted files that enable the emulator to operate. Without the bios files PCSX Reloaded is useless.

The next step is to transfer the bios files into a folder created within the Library directory, but what many online instructions fail to mention is that OS X Lion hides the Library directory and prevents users from accessing it via the GUI.

I was able to get even further now by setting a password in bios, and during the deployment in winpe it actually now promts for "Please enter the admin password to proceed with the flash". by entering the password the deployment continue with the next step, but unfortunately with no bios upgrade.

When I updated to your code that you provided earlier, and efter that I entered the bios password I can see "Bios update program ... this utility will update system BIOS and firmware ..." and then I got the error message "Error: Unable to locate a bios update payload in /b=

The computermodel has to be created based from Get-WmiObject -Class Win32_computersystem Select-Object -ExpandProperty Model In this case the folder name would be Latitude E7440 and inside of that folder I have E7440A28.exe (which is the bios file)

The PS1 BIOS version can be seen in a string (codenamed VERSTR) with this text, where the last character of the first text row with the suffix "A" indicates the region (A=America, E=Europe, J=Japan). This character is always located at offset 0x7FF52 in all PS1 and PS2 bios/roms

On PCSX2 while in PS1 mode the latest versions of the "J" and "E" roms/bios are not able to load the games from all regions because was added an additional CD licence check that only accepts the discs matching the hardcoded regionThe "A" roms/bios are able to load all regions games because doesnt have this check. It happens the same in the PS2 roms/bios, only the "A" ones accepts the games from all regions by default (this is why you have to patch the MECHACON for the US DTL region to get true region free playback)The bios included in the PS3 firmwares is the "A" version, so it doesnt have this check, and allows the version string to be patched to replace the suffix "A" by "E" or "J" as explained below

Is worth to note the suffix "A", "E", or "J" in the version string inside the BIOS is always on the same offset in ALL PS1 and PS2 bios images. So in case of replacing the bios the patches mentioned above will be applyed normallyThe bios can be replaced by any PS1 rom image (included DTL models), and by most PS2 rom images (maybe by all, deckard models untested). Replacing it by the original PS1 bios restores the Sony logo at start up, and should allow to run ps1 menu alone, but that's untested. Props to Jabu, iirc he figured out running Sony startup screen ages agoThe emulator have a bug (netemu at least) that loads the bios with a fixed size of 4MB file. They probably not changed that size after they reduced the bios file size from 4MB to 512KB. So any PS1/PS2(no deckard) bios image can be used if it have a size of 4MB or smaller. All of them should load games fine.

What game are you trying to run? A few of them (not all) need something called a bios to run.With the latest Gameshell os 0.5, you simply put the scph1001.bin file, or whatever your game needs in the /apps/emulators/bios directory.Make sure the format of your games is ISO or BIN. Someone here was having trouble with ECM files.See how that goes.

I no!! Haha sorry my mistake. Only after seeing the image did I remember that the BIOS folder is actually in the same folder as the pcsx folder. So you actually got the BIOS folder correct to begin with!After that you can select the bios in PCSX.SORRY ABOUT THE CONFUSION!That said, the BIOS directory is indirectly determined by where the .pcsx directory is located.image38482886 2.76 MB image40323024 2.59 MB

On the note of state saves, like I mentioned above, your saves will need to be done using the bios you want to use. If you made a state save using HLE, it will always load using the HLE bios. Just save the game normally, choose the bios you want, and load up as if you were playing a normal console to get past this. This could be why your bios switches back to HLE.

Once you rip your PS1 BIOS, you need to copy and paste the archive into the BIOS directory. You'll find the BIOS directory in the ePSXe folder. The location of your ePSXe BIOS folder depends on where you extracted the emulator. For example, my ePSXe BIOS folder is C:\Users\Gavin\Downloads\ePSXe205\bios.

I can't get retroarch to play psx games that are .chd format. Initially it told me that I'm missing the bios. I put the bios files in the retroarch system folder, and now it loads to a blank screen. I tried updating the core (beetle psx hw) and the core info files, still no luck. Any help would be appreciated.

Either your bios or you chd's are bad is my guess. I use chd's myself in retroarch for psx and they work fine. load the core and go to info in the main Retroarch menu and check it likes your bios files,it will have a checksum to match against your bios.

I did what you said and sure enough, it said one of the bios files was missing. I downloaded a fresh copy of scph5501.bin and overwrote the previous one. Retroarch now sees that file as present, and games now load but without video. I hear sound and it responds to controller input but that's it. Any ideas? 041b061a72


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